apt – deutsch: angemessen, passend

It is the culmination of a story that should be an inspiration to others, bringing together intelligent forward thinking and all those other established German qualities, and Götze is an apt match-winner as one of the new generation of players to come off the conveyor belt.

to epitomise – deutsch: der Inbegriff sein, verkörpern

This team has been some time in the making but it still retains the old qualities that have formed the bedrock of the great German sides. Bastian Schweinsteiger epitomised everything in the centre of midfield.

anguish– deutsch: Schmerz, Qual, Pein

… and Argentina’s anguish will not be made any easier by the knowledge that Gonzalo Higuaín and Lionel Messi both passed up opportunities

recriminations – deutsch: gegenseitige Beschuldigungen

This, however, was not a final of recriminations but more a story of a plan that came together, in the best possible way,…

Quelle: Die Vokabeln stammen aus dem Guradian Artikel: Germany beat Argentina to win World Cup final with late Mario Götze goal